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Forged in detroit

Fright House Clothing is Made In Detroit and has been the singular symbol for a city that's not about to quit. Today, Fright House is more than a clothing brand, it's the official mark of a movement that belongs to all of us.

Built on Friendship

Fright House is the brainchild of several friends who, after decades of collective experience building successful clothing brands, decided to turn back the clock and start anew.

Made to last

In a mass produced, disposable world, Fright House is a product of 'one-off' culture. Where men still build, by their own hands, the shirt they wear, be it for themselves or others.


1400 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226

Monday - Thursday, 11:00AM to 6:00PM
Friday & Saturday, 12:00PM to 6:00PM
Sunday, Closed

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